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NEWS States with the Highest Number of Farms in the U.S.

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In terms of farms, the top 10 states with the highest number of farms in 2017 were Texas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, California, Kentucky, Ohio, Minnesota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. These statistics were as of March 6, 2019 published by the ERS [1].

Texas leaded the list with 240,000 farms, followed by Missouri (97,300 farms). Wisconsin ranked 10th in the list with 68,500 farms. To see more statistics about states with the highest number of farms in the US, check out ERS’s interactive tools:

NEWS Identify the main causes of slow growth in shrimp

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In many cases, the sizes of black tiger prawn as well as whiteleg shrimp don’t grow at the end of the first farming month to the beginning of the second month. This issue makes shrimp farmers concerned and causes difficulties in farming.
There are many reasons why shrimp don’t grow, or grow slowly such as breed quality, diseases, farming environment, and care.
Specifically, these are some of the main reasons for consideration:
1- Poor quality of breeds; heterogeneous breeds:
In this case, due to poor quality, shrimp breeds develop unevenly at different stages and potentially stop growing.
Therefore, when selecting shrimp post-larvae, it is necessary to choose reputable producers and check for certification of...